Styling Velvet Mules

I recently jumped on the mule bandwagon and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. I have big feet for a woman (size 10.5/11 street shoe) so I figured mules would make my feet look even bigger. But as I was perusing Target, I happened upon this gorgeous pair. Rose gold velvet! And they flatter my feet which is great! I’ve linked to another similar pair here that I also have. They are super comfy so I’ve worn them all day at the office with no issues.


I loved pairing these with some cropped jeans and a jean shirt layered over a grey sleeveless tunic. I’m a pretty laid-back style kinda girl so this was such a quick decision in the closet.

Kudos to my mama for shooting these, especially since she hasn’t ventured into model photography! You can visit her website here.



A side note, these jeans that I got at Savers Thrift Store, have some really neat zipper detail at the ankles. It’s sometimes the little things that make the biggest impact!





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