Flowers and Polka Dots

Mixing and matching prints seems to be all the rage right now, so why not jump on the bandwagon? I personally love switching things up and going a little unconventional.

Thanks to this H&M blazer I snagged at a consignment store and this Old Navy dress I got last year on major clearance, I’ve been able to do just that! The prints are different enough not to clash and I love how the pinks complement each other.

Who’s ready for spring? This girl. What are some of your favorite spring activities?

In other news

I’ve been staying true to my 12-16 hour intermittent fasting! I’ve dropped three pounds already and seriously have enjoyed eating cleaner and smarter. My metabolism has picked up and I can visibly see my waist slimming.

I’ve also been interested in the whole Matcha kick and want to try it! My boyfriend told me to make sure I buy from China instead of Japan to steer clear from possible radiation issues.




Photos by FREYtography




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