Raw, Ravishing and Refined: A JORD Watch Defined

I recently took my first ever trip to the Californian coast and that area of the world, in my opinion, can be described using three simple, yet thought-provoking adjectives: raw, ravishing and refined. I chose my Cassia rose gold and walnut Jord timepiece to accompany me on this exploration and I soon came to realize that those three descriptive R’s are applicable to this gorgeous watch.


These wooden watches are made from rawest material you could think of: wood. I love how these pieces are crafted from Mother Nature herself, and I’m honored to be able to wear such a beautiful part of our earth. I’m amazed at how the intricate designs found in the wood somehow hearken back to how regal that specific walnut tree was in its prime. Other woods that Jord utilizes include acacia, bamboo, rosewood, koa, sandalwood, and many more!



Jord watches are the epitome of ravishing beauty.  Each timepiece shines with its own unique splendor and can be styled so many different ways while offering that pop of distinctiveness that only a wooden watch can give.

Curves and angles, lines and bevels, these watches are nothing but pure elegance and beauty. Who knew a wooden watch could be this amazing?



Free from impurities and elegant and cultured in appearance, that is a Jord watch. There is nothing more sleek and sexy.

These timepieces are created with care and intuition using Sapphire glass, which is second only to diamond in its durability and anti-scratch properties. My Cassia Series watch featured here sports this glass as well as pristine Citizen Miyota GL20 movement.



Want Your Own Jord Watch?

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