Sorry I’ve been MIA you guys! Seems that I’ve over-committed myself in a variety of ways, but I’ve been able to grow my network of blogger friends and have been able to be a part of some fantastic events. So, I guess it’s still a win!

When bloggers just start out, one of the greatest victories, in my opinion, is to be asked to collaborate with brands. I’ve been fortunate to work with several great brands such as JORD, Apollo Box, and just recently I was asked to try out the new Formulate hair product brand from California!

This company designs unique shampoo and conditioner to match your hair type and the goals you want to achieve for your hair. For me, my hair is thick, wavy, shoulder length, and tends to be oily. So, with that in mind, my goal was to have curl definition, shine, and oil control. I was also able to choose my scent!

The bottles arrive tucked into a box along with a personalized note and instructions. There’s also a section that goes into detail about your specific formula, the ingredients chosen, and why.

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What’s really neat about Formulate is that if the first round of shampoo/conditioner isn’t quite right, they’ll discuss with you what the issues were, amend the formula, and resend! This happened with me after my first round of conditioner wasn’t quite working for me. The Formulate team was super attentive and replied quickly! Within a week I had my new formula, which turned out to be so much better! My hair feels silky, yet the waves are defined and not frizzy.

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