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I had the great opportunity to partner with Smile Brilliant, so I wanted to share my experience using their new cariPro electric toothbrush. I just have to throw out there that this has to be the best electric brush I’ve used so far, so I’m excited to share my review!

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The design of this brush is amazing! It’s super sleek and sophisticated, and fits perfectly in your hand! The grey colors masks dirt and just gives an overall sexy look! Who knew brushing your teeth could be sexy? 😉



This has to be the best feature of this brush and to be honest, I’ve never seen or used one with as many different settings. Check out the following five speeds for the kind of clean you’re needing:

  1. Clean | This is the generic setting for an overall great clean.
  2. White | This setting is specifically for increased whitening and the removal of coffee or wine stains. I really saw a difference only after using this setting twice.
  3. Massage | Using pulsating movements, this setting really massages your gums! It’s important to use this setting along with either the Clean, White or Sensitive settings to ensure a good clean.
  4. Gum care | This is also another great setting for giving your gums a little extra TLC. Again, use this setting along with Clean, White or Sensitive.
  5. Sensitive | My mom would LOVE this setting as the speed is less intense and gentler, while still providing a good clean.



The cariPro comes with two brush heads, a sleek charging stand, and user manual, all packaged in a super sexy box. I have a thing for the way things are packaged and presented, and this did not disappoint.


Giveaway Time!

I’m so excited to offer you guys a chance to win your own cariPro toothbrush! Fill out the super simple form located here. Also, if you’d like to purchase your own brush, use code earnestlyemma20 for 20% off your order! #smilefearlessly

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