Teeth Whitening with City Smiles

I had the really neat opportunity to work with Dr. Chris Hill at City Smiles and upgrade my smile! I had tried multiple over-the-counter teeth whitening options, but never thought I’d be able to partner with a dentist here in St. Louis and get them whitened electronically.

Dr. Hill specializes in smile makeovers, ranging from cosmetic dentistry and veneers to gum re-contouring and even sleep apnea and TMJ. His practice really does do it all and they’re excited to help folks improve their smile no matter what the issue. For a full list of services, click here.

I visited their Clayton office for my evaluation, as well as to discuss the Zoom whitening procedure and the shade of white we’d be able to get my teeth. The entire office was so helpful and gracious, and really made me feel at home and not nervous at all.

The day of the procedure, I arrived and immediately got to chat with Dr. Hill, who is seriously so amazing. He discussed my smile and even educated me on how he could improve it down the road if that was something I’d like to do. He was so kind and really took a genuine interest in how he could improve my teeth and smile.

Becky was my actual technician and she got me all set up with the Zoom machine. Zoom in-office teeth whitening, as seen on Extreme Makeover, is one of the safest and quickest ways to safely whiten your teeth. During this process, you’re in the office for approximately one and a half hours. I had gel applied to my teeth and the Zoom catalyst light accelerated the bleach so that I had dramatic results in minimal time. City Smiles’ Zoom in-office whitening gave me dazzlingly white teeth in less than an hour. Read about teeth whitening here.

Check out the before and after of my chompers! Dramatic difference!

I was so so happy with these results (look at that smile pop) and have nothing but good words to say about City Smiles and Dr. Hill. Whether you’re wanting a whiter smile, help with snoring/sleep apnea or need them straightened, Dr. Hill and his team can do it and they do it well.

Contact City Smiles here. They have offices downtown and in Clayton!


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